Yoga for Anxiety

Learn why Yoga is a tool that people all over the world turn to to help cope with their anxiety. Tory Johnson breaks down not only the why, but how it can scientifically rewire our brains and live at peace with anxiety.

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In these three videos you’ll learn the scientific break down of how our bodies respond to the practice of Yoga as well as a simple, step-by-step beginner practice, and a walkthrough of three different breathing techniques as well as learn how to have space for meditation.

Class 1: Introduction

Class 2: Physical Practice

Class 3: Breath Work and Meditation

About the Instructor

Tory is a 200HR CYT and achieved her certification from Valerie Baltzer through Transcending Yoga School in Swansboro, NC. Primarily focusing on mindfulness and personal empowerment, Tory has also learned to live with her anxiety through coping skills such as what yoga has to offer. She is also certified with Breath work and meditation through Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Elliot. 

Tory Johnson

Yoga Instructor