Reaching More Moms

Reaching More Moms


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Elizabeth Deprey: Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

Email: [email protected]
Office: (207) 588-5342


Reaching More Moms is designed to support and engage moms, friends, and family in quitting tobacco. The program consisted of the following:

1. A virtual statewide network of providers who met monthly through long distance communications to share information and provide input on material creation.

2.  Local moms, family, and friends helped create and inform tailored messaging.

3. Outreach and support to social service agencies and practitioners to educate on current tobacco treatment options.


The materials created by moms, for moms include:


1. Quit Apps for Smartphones Guide

2. Frames and wristbands

3. Quit plan template

4. Dad-focused flyer

5. “What to do instead of using tobacco…” tip sheet


The materials created by the statewide virtual network for providers:

1. Reaching More Moms power point presentation

2. 5 A’s (ask, advise, assess, assist, arrange) and 5 R’s (relevance, risk, rewards, roadblocks, repetition) reference card.

3. Confidence and readiness scale ruler


Reaching More Moms (RMM) was a program funded by March of Dimes: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation and Maine Cancer Foundation between April 2017 to January 2020.




Moms Talking to Moms

Description: a video of two local moms talking about their experiences of quitting tobacco. (2:24)

Learn More About Reaching More Moms

Description: a video highlighting the virtual network and materials of Reaching More Moms. (5:09)