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Healthy Communities of the Capital Area

Healthy Communities of the Capital Area (HCCA) is a coalition of local people who work to improve the health and quality of life in Kennebec County, Maine. HCCA is a non-profit organization working on local, public health district, and state-level goals to improve public health.

Happy, thriving, interconnected people, organizations, and communities who are empowered to improve their quality of life.

Thank you for your input! This past year, dozens of community members helped HCCA identify local public health and quality of life needs. These priorities, balanced with local public health data, will inform HCCA’s work for the foreseeable future.

CHIP Priority Areas

1. Community Connectedness 
  • older adults living in isolation
  • and/or experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • free, family-friendly events for all
  • overall sense of community connectedness – intergenerational
2. Equity 
  • poverty as root a cause for many/most issues
3. Traditional Public Health Issues 
  • substance use prevention, including vaping and behavioral health
  • physical activity
  • nutrition
  • access to healthy foods
4. Climate 
  • impacts on health – heat, ticks, air/water quality, weather events

Transportation and housing were identified as priority areas that are outside of HCCA’s scope of work, but will be integrated as feasible and appropriate.

Thank you to The Bingham Program for generously supporting this project. Next steps include setting a timeline and goals, and identifying partners and resources to meet the goals. Reach out if you want to get involved! 

What is Public Health?


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