The Superheroes of HCCA

by | Apr 30, 2018

Located in the bustling heart of Gardiner, Maine- an organization stands proudly in their brick fortress, waiting patiently for the metaphorical bat signal to flash across the sky- a call that draws HCCA’s superheroes forth so that they may tackle the insidious whispers of veiled threats to the communities of Kennebec County. These threats, while not necessarily in human form, are still very much a menace to society. These community-focused superheroes tackle various issues by utilizing evidence-based super-powers such as youth engagement, creating smoke-free areas, introducing healthy meals made on a budget, increasing and promoting physical activity and nutrition, and creating environmental policy and system changes. While these powers may not be as awe-inspiring and mystical as projectile spider-webs, bat mobiles, preternatural speed, and time manipulation- they still aid in the defense of communities and the environment from villains that may not be tangible and visible.

Oh! And our fearless leader drives a red “whip”.

HCCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is funded through charitable donations from people like you. Thank you for your generous support as we work to better local communities in Maine.

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