The Kaleidoscope Award

by | Jul 27, 2018

From left to right: Christine Canty Brooks, Joanne Joy, Kristine Longstaff, and April Hughes

If there is one thing that we value most here at HCCA, it is the partnerships we have created since the very beginning of our organization in 2001. One such partnership has proven to be particularly valuable and fortuitous for us over the years- Kennebec and Somerset WIC program hosted by Maine General, and led by their director Kristine Longstaff. Kristine Longstaff has been a passionate and unfailing advocate for women and children- a quality that we have long admired and joyfully celebrated when given an opportunity to work side-by-side with her. The most recent opportunities we’ve had to partner with Kristine and WIC being Reaching More Moms– a program that aims to connect low-income pregnant and parenting mothers to tobacco treatment resources- and with our Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.


Annually HCCA recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond in their partnership with HCCA. It was not surprising to see Kristine Longstaff’s name at the top of our 2018 list of awardees. It was equally unsurprising to see that she won the “Kaleidoscope Award”- an award presented to someone who has the ability to value what is and to see the potential of what can be.

Kaleidoscopes consist of multiple mirrors and tiny pieces of colored glass within a small scope. Once turned, the colored pieces of glass are tossed around and reflected off the mirrors to create a stunning display of bright patterns. Kristine Longstaff is similar to a kaleidoscope in the sense that she is able to view the world in multiple different ways and manage to create something beautiful and enduring. She has shown us exactly what one woman can do with a vision, a lot of heart, and a genuine desire to help others.

Congratulate Kristine when you see her!


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