Overcoming the Winter Woes

by | Jan 11, 2022

January can feel like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, the busyness, anticipation and excitement of the holiday season has now faded into a possible return to some normalcy that may be somehow tainted with a hint of disappointment or perhaps grief. On the other, winter has begun to set in, and the short daylight combined with cold and weather that can but a damper on outdoor activities or travel, means the start of fighting off cabin fever feelings. Here are some ideas and resources to help relieve the post-holiday blues and beat back cabin fever.

Looking forward to something can be a great mood boost. You can create a list, write down your goals/vision in a journal or if you are visual like me, make a Vision Board to motivate and inspire you!

Add something colorful to your environment in whatever way brings you joy. This could be as simple as changing a set of curtains or creating a colorful craft like these stained-glass window decorations!

Try out a new recipe or even two. I had avoided jumping on the breadmaking trend for the past few years. See how I finally concurred my fear with this great, sticky no-knead “Peasant Bread” video recipe below


Check out that book or several books that you’ve been meaning to read from your local library. Be sure to check with them for any updated hours of operation or Covid-19 safety precautions they may have.

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