by | Mar 29, 2022

Spring is right around the corner! In just a few short days the sun will be shining, birds chirping, and plants sprouting. Spring is a great time to tackle some of those projects shelved during the winter. It’s also a great time to clean, declutter, and refresh your space. Get a jump start on Spring cleaning, and begin decluttering your home.

When it comes to any goal you want to accomplish, small changes lead to big impact. Decluttering your entire house can feel overwhelming, but when you do it in small stages, it’s more realistic and doable. The key is to consistently set aside time daily, weekly, or monthly to declutter and organize your space.

Here are some decluttering tips from the experts:

  1. Create a “home” for your items
    • If you designate a place for your items, clutter is less likely to accumulate. For instance, if your entryway is filled with various items like keys, a work badge, and headphones, create a landing spot for them. Place a small basket on your entry table and place keys and daily essentials in that basket. Once your items have a home, it’s easier to put them where they belong.
  2. Declutter in stages
    • This brings us back to small changes make big impact! Tackle a little decluttering each day, week or month, but don’t try to do it all at once. The great thing about refreshing your space, is that it can be done in stages and in a timeframe that best suits your lifestyle. Take your time, and be thoughtful about how you want to feel in your space.
  3. Set a timer and do 5 minutes of cleaning, organizing or decluttering each day
    • Doing small bursts of cleaning throughout the day can help maintain your space in a more manageable way.
  4. Keep, Donate, or Sell
    • Start in one room or area and go through items, making piles of thing you want to keep, donate, or sell. This is a great way to get inventory of all your items and recognize what’s not needed anymore.
  5. Take advantage of storage
    • Utilize the storage in your home. Do you have some baskets laying around? These are great for storing toys, blankets, and even pantry items like potatoes or onions. Have a bench with storage? Store books, remotes, and anything else that may need a “home.”

Your pantry is a great place to start the decluttering process. Plus, having a clean and organized pantry allows you to plan and cook your meals more efficiently.

Steps to Declutter Your Pantry:

  1. Remove all items and check expiration dates.
  2. Clean your pantry.
  3. Categorize your items.
  4. Utilize storage containers, wire shelves, and baskets.
  5. Begin placing items back into the pantry in organized groups.


Want to stock your pantry at home? Check out these pantry staples from Cooking Matters.

There’s several benefits to having a well-stocked pantry. There’s always something to eat, you save money, do less quick trips to the store, and you can eat healthy more consistently.

Happy decluttering!



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