Southern Kennebec Healthy Start

Southern Kennebec Healthy Start is a group of organizations/individuals who have been working together for over a decade to improve the social emotional health of young children. The group meets monthly. For more information contact Nancy Desisto.

Shared Goal: Children are raised by caring attentive parents

Shared Outcome:Children enter school lovable, capable, healthy and secure

Healthy Start Community Forum's - Professional Development for Home Visitors of Young Families

Over the past few years, Healthy Start has offered educational forums for in-home supports of families with children under 5 years of age. The first Forum in 2009 set the agenda for the one to follow; this has been the pattern for each Forum. Participants input is gathered, the "hot topics" identified and woven into future Forums.

Each Forum introduces a few new topics, and provides time for reflection on how past Forum information has been applied in the field - or not. The group then brainstorms the topics to be covered in future Forums. The intent is to build a learning community of in-home service professionals.

Below are some of the topic areas offered in the past. Please explore and, if you are planning on attending the next Forum, be sure to review the resources here. It will prepare you for the reflection on practice in the field, the time set aside in the Forum for reviewing how information offered in past forums has effected in-home service professionals work.

In 2012, the John T. Gorman Foundation and the Sadie and Harry Davis Foundation awarded Healthy Start grants to Strengthen Families through increasing home visitor skills to recognize and address substance use/abuse homes where small children reside.


Sleep Resources

Healthy Start Forum -

2013 Strengthening Families (recognizing and addressing substance use/abuse in the home)